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Hello, I'm STO12, or some may call me Otto, and I love American Idol! I have always favored it ever since Kelly Clarkson won in 2002. I enjoy wikis a lot too, so I thought that helping out here would be a great opportunity. I'm almost always here to help fix up, clean up, or just plain help if anything is out of date or needs serious attention. I also do a lot of editing with hurricanes and tropical cyclones, particularly to Simcity Hurricanes Wiki and Hurricane Wiki. Please visit those places as well! We enjoy visitors! :)

Experience with American IdolEdit

I have an extensive knowledge of American Idol as I have edited several pages and am a part of a Wikipedia's wiki project "American Idol". I've watched American Idol since 2002 when Kelly Clarkson won and I've never missed an episode of it since! I'm willing to help out and I'm very friendly (as long as you don't get on my nerves). I would love to eventually work my way up to being an Administrator and help out even more.

Season 13
We're in the Finals!
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