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"The Times, They Are A-Changin'" is the coronation song by Dillon James, who reached the Finale—jointly finishing in third place, alongside Francisco Martin and Jonny West, on Season 18 of American Idol.


First recorded in 1963 by folk-rock troubadour Bob Dylan,[1][2] as the titular song from his third album, released in 1964.[3] Dylan wrote the protest song intentionally as an anthem for the socially revolutionary times.[2] It was produced by Tom Wilson,[3] and premiered on UK radio in 1965.[1]


Dillon sung this song twice on the show: First in Hawaii, as his Showcase Round performance prior to Final Judgment;[4] and secondly, as his final song in the competition, vying for a spot in the Top 2.[5]


Despite his elimination, Dillon's rendition was produced by Idol music director Kristopher Pooley and released through Hollywood Records, along with the rest of the Top 5's recordings.[6]


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