Saveria was a contestant on Season 18 of American Idol.

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Saveria auditioned in Milwaukee. She sang an original song called "Tell Me This Is Real". Although Katy voted "yes", Lionel and Luke voted "no", eliminating her from the competition.

Performances in American Idol Edit

Round Song Choice Original Artist Theme (if any) Result
Auditions "Tell Me This Is Real" Saveria None Eliminated

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Trivia Edit

  • Saveria is the first confirmed Canadian resident to have a televised audition on American Idol.
  • Saveria was one of the artists featured on the Canadian cover CD Mini Pop Kids 6.
  • After Saveria didn't make it past auditions, #JusticeForSaveria trended on twitter, with previous winners Maddie Poppe and Carrie Underwood both tweeting in support of Saveria advancing.[1][2]

References Edit

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