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Nicholas James "Nick" Fradiani IV (born November 15th, 1985- ) was a contestant on Season 14 of American Idol.


Nick auditioned in New York. He sang "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel. It is unknown how the judges voted, but at least two of them voted "yes", sending him to the next round.

Hollywood Round[]

Nick was shown in a montage of contestants who survived the first round of Hollywood Week, along with Quentin Alexander and Zack Kaltenbach. He was later shown in a group called "Team Dimples" alongside Michael Simeon, Jaq Mackenzie and Hunter Larsen singing "Rude" by Magic! For his final solo performance, he sang "Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)" by Train. At the Final Judgment, the judges told him he did enough to become a Top 24 semifinalist.

Top 24[]


  • At the time of his audition, he was the boyfriend of Yanni G.
  • He is the first contestant from the Northeastern part of the country to win the competition.
  • He previously auditioned for the 9th season of America's Got Talent with his band Beach Avenue. They were eliminated in the Judge Cuts round.
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