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"Makin' Love" is the coronation song by Jonny West, who reached the Finale—jointly finishing in third place, alongside Dillon James and Francisco Martin, on Season 18 of American Idol.


This song was penned solely by Jonny himself, and not previously recorded.[1] Unlike the other four contestants, Jonny's choice to do an original renders this a unique situation, as the first contestant ever to write their own coronation song.[2]


Jonny sung this song twice on the show: First, at his audition;[3] and again, as his final song in the competition, vying for a spot in the Top 2.[4]


Despite his elimination, Jonny's original song was produced by Idol music director Kristopher Pooley and released through Hollywood Records, along with the rest of the Top 5's recordings.[5]


  • Jonny was in a relationship with fellow Season 17 + 18 contestant Margie Mays at the time,[2] whom he came to accompany and support for her latter audition.[3] Along the way, he was cajoled into auditioning—which he did successfully, singing this song.[3] They both received Golden Tickets.
    • Noticeably absent during this performance, Margie and Jonny later revealed that the couple had split up acrimoniously prior to the Finale.[6]

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