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Lisa Gabrielle Tucker (born June 13, 1989) is an American singer, musical theater and television actress who was the tenth-place finalist on the fifth season of American Idol.


Early Life[]

Tucker was born in Anaheim, California to Stanley and Eleanor Tucker, and has two older brothers: Billy and Stanley III. Both of her brothers were backup singers and choreographers for Tucker's sold-out concert in 2002. She was raised Roman Catholic and is of African American and Belizean descent. She went to St. Justin Martyr elementary school

Her mother first noticed her talent when she was on the family diving board singing a tune from The Little Mermaid. Tucker is also a songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and is learning to play the drums.

Tucker attended La Palma's John F. Kennedy High School. She was a Senior during Idol and returned to John F. Kennedy High after she was voted off. The following June she graduated in the class of 2006. Tucker plans to attend Cal State Fullerton but will be taking her first year off to work on her major-debut album.

Early Career[]

Tucker was encouraged by her parents to audition for a production of The Little Princess at Orange County Children's Theater (OCCT). Despite the fact it was her first audition, she landed the lead role. At the age of ten, Tucker was referred by OCCT to Walt Disney Productions, who cast her as young Nala for the musical production of The Lion King. It was her first paying job and Tucker said, "I would have done it for free!" Tucker played Nala for 11 months but had to stop due to child labor laws and contract limitations for minors. When Tucker was 13, she auditioned for Star Search and eventually made it to the finals. She was the runner-up to Tiffany Evans.

American Idol[]

At the age of 16, she auditioned for the fifth season of American Idol in Denver, Colorado with a song she also sang on Star Search, One Moment in Time by Whitney Houston. Simon Cowell said she was the best 16-year-old to ever audition for the show. Later, the judges made a unanimous decision to put her through to the season's final 24. America voted her through to the top 12. While she was on American Idol she attended high school classes with former Idol finalists Paris Bennett and Kevin Covais. She was eliminated and was given 10th place on March 29, 2006, after being in the bottom three with Katharine McPhee and Ace Young.

She is currently looking for a recording contract and is the highest-finishing Season 5 contestant that was not signed after the season ended.

After American Idol[]

She has performed at numerous city events in Anaheim such as the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast, Flag Day events, a Mighty Ducks Game, and an Anaheim Angels baseball game. Tucker sang on the city of Anaheim float in the 118th Tournament of Roses; Katharine McPhee also participated on the 'Clean Water' float.

She made a guest appearance on The O.C. playing herself in the prom episode. She can also been seen on season 4 of the teen Nickelodeon network show Zoey 101; her first appearance was in an episode in the episode "Michael Loves Lisa", which aired on January 7, 2007. In August 2007, Tucker was featured on the reality TV show "Dr. 90210" as the singing instructor for Dr. Rey's children. She is signed to join the cast for the pilot of the new FOX series Born in the USA (TV series), also by 19 Entertainment.

Tucker sang at Gulf Middle School, in Cape Coral, Florida, after the school won a competition for its annual book fair. The students saw her perform and participated in a question and answer session with her. Two schools won this competition. The other school was in North America. It too had an American Idol finalist sing.

Tucker sang "Then Came You" with Dionne Warwick on Warwick's new album, My Friends and Me. Lisa Tucker has also appeared on Zoey 101 in a episode called Micheal Loves Lisa.

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