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Layla Spring was a contestant on Season 16 and Season 18 of American Idol.

Season 16 Audition[]

Layla auditioned in Nashville. She sang "Who's Lovin' You" by The Miracles. All three judges voted "yes", sending her to the next round.

Season 16 Hollywood Round[]

Layla was shown in the first televised Group of Ten with Alyssa Raghu, Trevor McBane and Caleb Lee Hutchinson. She advanced. After her untelevised final Solo Round performance, she placed in either holding room 1 or 3 as Ryan mentioned during the ending of the episode that she advanced. During Showcase Round, she sang "Proud Mary" by Tina Turner and during the Final Judgment, it was revealed that she did enough to make the Top 24.

Season 16 Top 24[]

Layla was shown in Group 1. She sang "A Broken Wing" by Martina McBride and "Stick Like Glue" by Sugarland in a duet with Sugarland. She was eliminated at this stage of the competition.

Season 18 Audition[]

Layla, Shawn Robinson, and Logan Johnson vied for a "Second Chance Audition" as voted by the public during the 2019 American Music Awards. During the Dancing with the Stars Season 28 Finale, it was revealed that Layla won the vote and automatically progressed to Hollywood Round.

Season 18 Hollywood Round[]

Layla was not shown, eliminating her from the competition.

Performances in American Idol[]

Round Song Choice Original Artist Theme (if any) Result
Auditions "Who's Lovin' You" The Miracles None Safe
Hollywood Week N/A N/A Hollywood Round 1 Safe
Hollywood Week N/A N/A Hollywood Round 2 Safe
Hollywood Week Proud Mary Tina Turner Hollywood Round 3 Safe
Top 24 "Broken Wing" Martina McBride None
Top 24 "Stick Like Glue" with Sugarland Sugarland Duets Eliminated
Auditions "Blown Away" Carrie Underwood None Safe
Hollywood Round N/A N/A Hollywood Round 1 Eliminated


  • She auditioned with her younger sister Dyxie in Season 16.
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