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Kaylin Hedges was a contestant on Season 21 of American Idol.


Kaylin auditioned in Nashville. She sang "I'm Already There" by Lonestar. Impressed with her audition, the judges gave her a Platinum Ticket, giving her the ability to bypass the first round of Hollywood Week.

Hollywood Round[]

Kaylin was chosen by fellow Platinum Ticket receiver Tyson Venegas to be his duet partner. They performed under the name "The Shenanigans" and sang "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen. For her final solo performance, she sang "Kiss from a Rose" by Seal. Afterwards, the judges told her that she did not do enough to make the Top 24.


  • Her father, Jeffrey, who had been in the military for the majority of Kaylin's life, surprised both Kaylin and her mother by showing up for her audition.
  • She is the first Platinum Ticket winner to be eliminated before semifinals, at Final Judgment.