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Kayleigh Clark (born March 27, 2005)[1] was a contestant on Season 21 of American Idol.


Kayleigh auditioned in New Orleans. She sang "The Dance" by Garth Brooks.[2] Luke and Lionel both voted "yes". Katy subsequently voted "no", due to her inexperience; however, she noted that it was irrelevant due to the majority vote.[2] Thus, Kayleigh advanced to the next stage.

Hollywood Round[]

Kayleigh was not seen during the first two levels of Hollywood Week,[3] due to contracting the COVID-19 virus.[4] She was confined to her hotel room under doctors' quarantine orders,[4] and thus had to perform virtually for the first solo and the duet round–[3]—the latter of which she stated became a second solo.[4] However, despite her illness, she advanced through both rounds and was cleared to take the stage for the Top 55 Showstopper Round,[3] which for her became her third solo performance.[3] There, she sang "Who's Lovin' You" by The Jackson 5.[5] At Final Judgment, the judges told her that she did not do enough to become a Top 26 semifinalist, and was thus eliminated from the competition.[6]


  • Kayleigh was one of a very select few to perform multiple performances via a Hollywood Week quarantine, yet still advance onto the successive rounds.

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