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Jonathan Jayne was a contestant on Season 6 of American Idol.


Jonathan auditioned in Seattle. He sang "God Bless America". All three judges voted "no", eliminating him from the competition.

He made an appearance at the Season 6 Finale alongside Kenneth to accept the Golden Idol Award for Best Buddies.


  • He is friends with Kenneth Briggs.
  • He participated in the Special Olympics.
  • Although never shown having a televised audition, Jonathan was shown practicing in the holding room during the Seattle Auditions of the fourth season of America's Got Talent.


There was some controversy over the judges' comments at the end of Jayne's audition, due to him having special needs and feeling that the comments made by the judges were insensitive. Executive Producer Ken Warwick defended the show's decision to air Jayne's audition, saying that "[American Idol] prides itself on not discriminating against anyone during the audition process." [1]