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James William Durbin (born January 6th, 1989) was a contestant on Season 10 of American Idol.


James auditioned in San Francisco. He sang "You Shook Me" by Muddy Waters and "Dream On" by Aerosmith. All three judges voted "yes", sending him to the next round.

Hollywood Round[]

James was shown in the first part of Hollywood Round in the same Group of Ten as Paris Tassin, Lauren Alaina and Stormi Henley. He sang "Oh! Darling" by The Beatles. He advanced along with Lauren and Paris. He later appeared in a group called "The Deep V's" along with Emma Henry, Caleb Johnson, Danny Pate and John Jordan singing "Somebody to Love" by Queen. He advanced along with Caleb. After his second solo performance, he was placed in the first deliberation room along with Ashley Sullivan, Brett Loewenstern, Jacee Badeaux, Clint Jun Gamboa, Casey Abrams, Chris Medina, Robbie Rosen and Lauren Alaina amongst others. Everyone in his room advanced.

Las Vegas Round[]

At Las Vegas, he sang "Get Back" with Stefano Langone. He advanced.

For his final solo performance, he sang "A Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke. The judges told him during the final deliberation that he did enough to advance to the Top 24.

Top 24[]

James sang "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" by Judas Priest. He was placed in the Top 5 for the boys, advancing him to the finals.

Top 13[]

Top 12[]

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Top 10[]

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  • James has Tourette's and Aspberger's, and became the first semifinalist and finalist to have both.
  • James was the final televised audition of Season 10.
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