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"Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" is the coronation song by Arthur Gunn, the runner-up of Season 18 of American Idol.


The song was originally recorded by roots/swamp rock band, Creedence Clearwater Revival,[1] for their sixth studio album, Pendulum (1970).[1] It written and produced by lead singer and guitarist, John Fogerty.[1]


Arthur sung this song thrice on the show: First, at his audition;[2] second, as his Solo Round performance during Hollywood Week;[3][4] and third, as his last competitive Finale performance against eventual winner, Just Sam.[5] Each time he performed it, he delivered a unique, distinct arrangement that varied from the previous version.[4]


Arthur subsequently released the Finale cover version as his first post-Idol single—albeit as the last person from the Top 5, following a slight delay.[6] This rendition was co-produced by Arthur and American Idol music director Kristopher Pooley, and released through Hollywood Records.[7]


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