Devan Jones was a contestant on Season 11 and Season 12 of American Idol.

Season 11 Audition[edit | edit source]

Devan auditioned in Aspen. He sang "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by The Script. All three judges voted "yes", sending him to the next round.

Season 11 Hollywood Round[edit | edit source]

Devan was shown in the second part of Hollywood Week, in a compilation of contestants who forgot their lyrics for Group Round. He was presumably eliminated sometime whilst there.

Season 12 Audition[edit | edit source]

Devan's audition was not televised, but he auditioned in Oklahoma City.

Season 12 Hollywood Round[edit | edit source]

Devan was shown in the first televised Group of Ten along with Micah Johnson, Bryant TadeoPeter Garrett and Mathenee Treco. Each of them advanced and he was later shown in a group with Devin Velez singing "Payphone" by Maroon 5, ft. Wiz Khalifa a capella. His group was the only one of the male groups to sing without band accompaniment. He and Devin advanced. Although his final solo performance was not televised, he was shown advancing along with Devin, Gurpreet Singh Sarin, Cortez Shaw and Adam Sanders. However, in the final surprise cut, it was revealed that he was eliminated alongside David Leathers, Jr.Peter Garrett, Adam Sanders, Marvin Calderon and Tony Foster, Jr.

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