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DeWayne Crocker, Jr. (born August 22, 1996)[1] was a contestant in Season 18 and Season 19 of American Idol.


DeWayne auditioned in Sunriver. He sang "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin. All three judges voted "yes", sending him to the next round.

Hollywood Round[]

DeWayne was briefly shown in the second part of Hollywood Week, in a duet with Jordan Jones called "JD Smooth". He sang "Unaware" by Allen Stone. After his untelevised final Solo performance, he was placed in the same deliberation room as Jonny West, Arthur Gunn, Sophia Wackerman, Franklin Boone, Makayla Phillips, Kimmy Gabriela, Cyniah Elise, and Lauren Mascitti, where it was revealed by the judges that everyone in the room had advanced.

Hawaii Round[]

DeWayne sang "Old Town Road" by Lil Nas X, ft. Billy Ray Cyrus. Afterwards, the judges told him that he did enough to become a Top 20 semifinalist.

This Is Me[]

Top 20[]

DeWayne sang "I Got You (I Feel Good)" by James Brown. He did not receive enough votes to place in the Top 10, and the judges chose not to save him, eliminating him from the competition.

The Comeback[]

DeWayne sang "Voice of God" by Dante Bowe, ft. Steffany Gretzinger & Chandler Moore. He did not receive enough votes to land a spot in the Top 10.


Round Song Choice Original Artist Theme (if any) Result
Auditions "Don't Worry Be Happy" Bobby McFerrin None Safe
Hollywood Week "Grandma's Hands" Bill Withers Hollywood Round 1 Safe
Hollywood Week "Unaware" Allen Stone Hollywood Round 2 Safe
Hollywood Week N/A N/A Hollywood Round 3 Safe
Hawaii Round "Old Town Road" Lil Nas X, ft. Billy Ray Cyrus Showcase Round Safe
Top 20 "I Got You (I Feel Good)" James Brown None Eliminated


  • DeWayne's 78-year-old great-grandmother came into the audition after he received a Golden Ticket to meet Lionel Richie.


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