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Cecil Ray Baker (born August 26, 2000)[1] was a contestant on Season 19 of American Idol.


Cecil auditioned in Ojai. He sang "Talkin' Tennessee" by Morgan Wallen. All three judges voted "yes", sending him to the next round.

Hollywood Round[]

Cecil was shown in the "Country" category of the Genre Challenge, alongside Drake McCain, Caleb Kennedy, Mignon, Mason Picks, Cameron McGhar and Alex Miller. He managed to make it to the Top 64 and during the Showstoppers Round, he sang "Beyond" by Leon Bridges. At the Final Judgment, he was called up alongside Drake McCain where it was revealed that he advanced.

Top 24[]

Cecil sang "Paint Me a Birmingham" by Tracy Lawrence and "Freedom Was a Highway" by Jimmie Allen & Brad Paisley in a duet with Allen. He did not receive enough votes to place in the Top 8 in his group and was eliminated.

List of Performances[]

After the Show[]

  • Cecil was arrested, following an accusation of domestic abuse. However, he was released and no further charges were ever filed.