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"Breathe Out" is the coronation song by Cade Foehner, who tied for fourth place alongside Michael J. Woodard on Season 16 of American Idol.


The song was written by Tash Phillips, Steve Solomon, and Cameron Walker.[1] It was produced by Solomon, and released through Hollywood Records.[2]


Cade and Michael were both jointly eliminated from the competition on Sunday, May 13, 2018.[3] Their singles were not available until after the Season 16 Finale,[1] in which the Top 3 (winner Maddie Poppe, runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson, and third placer Gabby Barrett)[3] performed their potential coronation songs during Round 1 of the competition.[4]


  • This marked the first time in American Idol history in which the Top 5 recorded potential coronation singles—more specifically, each their own distinct song.[1]

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