Amy Christina Adams (born July 25, 1979) is an American singer best known as the tenth-place finalist on the third season of the television series American Idol.

Adams was born in Kansas City, Kansas and presently lives and works in Bakersfield, California as a professional makeup artist. Adams auditioned for American Idol in Atlanta, Georgia and was a member of the third group of semifinalists. After a successful week of singing the Dixie Chicks' "Sin Wagon", on March 31, 2004 Adams became the third of the twelve finalists to be voted off the show after singing "Dancing in the Street". She then became the first Idol contestant not to make it to the final five who appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Idol judge Simon Cowell had previously said on the show that Adams reminded him of Leno, likely a combined reference to her large chin and sense of humor. She is also the third contestant with pink/red hair to have made the finals. (Nikki McKibbin from season 1, and Vanessa Olivarez from season 2. The fourth was Alexis Grace from season 8.)

Adams has one son, Harrison Ryan, who was born in May 2005.

In September 2005, she began touring with Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starring Patrick Cassidy, singing the part of the Narrator.

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