American Idol Wiki

The goal of this Wiki is to have a record of every contestant who had a televised audition AND have an official "contestant marquee" displaying their name, age and wher they are from on any part of the show, whether it's the official episodes, the specials or American Idol Rewind. Please do not include any contestants were never televised, even if there is evidence that they were on the show. All pages need to follow this page template as much as they can.

Because of this, only include the information that directly happens on the show (where they auditioned, what they sang, how far they advanced to, etc.). Other information like what happens to them before or after the show can be included on the contestant page, but keep it simple and brief. Biographies and information on contestant's success after the show can be included in full on the "Personal" sections of the contestant pages.

The contestant pages have to include an image of the contestant from their first audition where applicable. If a contestant has no televised audition, then we are to use the next available point that they were shown onscreen (like if they were shown in Group Round, then we use that). Other images are allowed, but they are relegated to the Gallery page. But only notable contestants (including the ones who made the live shows) are allowed to have galleries.

You are more than allowed to voice your opinions about certain acts in forums and blog posts, but do not attack people if they share an opinion that you do not.

If you have spoilers for the show before the episodes air (like who know the identities of the Top 24 before they announce it in the subsequent episode), please do NOT share them on the Wiki until the episode shows them proper. This Wiki prides itself on being as spoiler-free as humanly possible.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about anything have to do with the show or the Wiki, then contact Curious Poker Chip. He will try his best to help you out.

Most importantly, have fun!