Who will be the next American Idol?
Season 18

The journey continues as judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie set out to discover the next American Idol.

Embark on a nation-wide journey across Savannah, Georgia; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Washington, D.C.; Los Angeles, California; and Sunriver, Oregon, where the show's iconic judge auditions will surprise audiences with never-before-seen twists. Watch as more heartfelt stories and extraordinary voices from across the nation are unveiled as singers vie for their spot in Hollywood.

Season 18 of American Idol premiered on February 16, 2020 and is currently airing Sunday evenings on ABC. Watch, and once again decide who will be the next American Idol.

The Judges

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American Idol Returns for a New Season - Sun. Feb

American Idol Returns for a New Season - Sun. Feb. 16 on ABC

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