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"23" is the coronation song by Chayce Beckham, the winner of Season 19 of American Idol.



Chayce was inspired to write the song based upon his own struggles with alcoholism,[1] including a nearly-fatal drunk driving accident just two weeks prior to his American Idol audition in Los Angeles.[1]


The song was written solely by Chayce himself.[2] It was produced by Redah + Ross Copperman, and initially released through 19 Recordings.[3]

Chayce then re-released the single, via his current Wheelhouse label, on January 23, 2023.[4]


Chayce performed it for the first time, live on the penultimate Top 4 episode.[5]

Music Video[]


Chayce Beckham - 23 (Official Music Video)

The music video was released on Chayce's YouTube channel on July 18, 2023. It has received over 21 million views as of May 2024.[6]

Chart History[]

After its initial Idol release coupled with his win, the song reached #1 on iTunes.[7]

The song eventually reached #1 on billboard's Country Airplay charts,[2] on April 6, 2024—just one day after his first studio album, Bad for Me, was released.[3]


  • Chayce is the first American Idol winner to have written his own winning coronation single—and in addition, prior to the show.[1]
  • "23" is also the first of any artist's entirely self-penned song to reach #1 since Taylor Swift's "Ours".[8]

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